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  1. lacking of vigor or spirit.


  1. present participle of languish

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Heimweh, aching, adoring, affectionate, bowed-down, cachectic, cachexia, cachexy, cast down, chronic ill health, coming apart, conjugal, contractive, cracking, crumbling, dashed, debilitated, debilitation, debility, decadent, declining, decreasing, decrepitude, decrescendo, decrescent, degenerate, dejected, delicacy, delicate health, deliquescent, demonstrative, depressed, desiderium, despairing, despondent, desponding, deteriorating, devoted, diminishing, diminuendo, discouraged, disheartened, disintegrating, dispirited, down, downcast, downhearted, drained, draining, drawn-out, drooping, droopy, dwindling, ebbing, effete, enervated, enervation, enfeebled, exhausted, exhaustion, extended, fading, failing, faineant, faithful, falling, feeble, feebleness, feeling low, filial, flagging, fond, fragility, fragmenting, frail, frailty, going to pieces, hankering, healthless, healthlessness, heartless, homesick, homesickness, honing, husbandly, hypochondria, hypochondriac, hypochondriacal, hypochondriasis, ill health, in low spirits, in poor health, in the depths, in the doldrums, in the dumps, indolent, infirm, infirmity, interminable, invalid, invalidism, invalidity, lackadaisical, languishment, languorous, lasting, lengthened, lessening, limp, lingering, listless, long, long-continuing, long-drawn, long-drawn-out, long-pending, long-winded, longing, lovelorn, lovesick, lovesome, loving, low, low-spirited, mal du pays, maladie du pays, marathon, marcescent, maternal, melting, morbidity, morbidness, moribund, nostalgia, nostalgic, nostomania, on the wane, overlong, pale, parental, paternal, peaked, peakedness, peaky, pessimistic, pining, poor health, prolonged, protracted, reduced, reduced in health, reductive, regressive, retrograde, retrogressive, romantic, run-down, sentimental, shriveling, sickliness, sickly, sinking, sliding, slipping, slumping, soft, spiritless, spun-out, stretched-out, subdued, subsiding, suicidal, tabetic, tender, unhealthiness, unhealthy, unsound, unsoundness, unwholesomeness, uxorious, valetudinarian, valetudinarianism, valetudinary, waning, wasting, weakened, weakliness, weakly, weary of life, wifely, wilting, wishful, wistful, with low resistance, withering, woebegone, world-weary, worsening, yearnful, yearning, yen
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